Raw foods, which can also be living foods or superfoods, are natural, complete whole foods where the powerful enzymes, minerals, nutrients and lifeforce are not exposed to cooking temperatures higher than 118 degrees Fahrenheit.  By keeping whole foods below 118 degrees, we preserve the inherent wisdom, optimal nutrients, healing energy and amazing taste, thereby maximizing the nutritional density and ease of digestibility and assimilation.  A lifestyle incorporating mostly organic raw and living foods has been shown to gently detoxify the body, cleanse the organs and cells of toxins, provide clear radiant skin, strengthen nails, hair, and bones while promoting feelings of euphoria, joy, confidence, focus, grounding and boundless creativity.

Raw foods give you  real   energy, not the false energy you get from coffee and artificial stimulants.    The living foods rejuvenate and feed your cells the high quality nutrients and enzymes your body needs, resulting in a feeling of lightness and a surplus of energy.    Brain fog lifts and is replaced by mental and emotional clarity.    Mood swings and PMS become a distant memory and food cravings gradually disappear.Raw foods are a rich source of anti-oxidants.  Raw foods are a rich source of anti-oxidants. Anti oxidants reduce the adverse effects of aging and are also beneficial in preventing cancer. Fruits that are rich in antioxidants are blueberries, spinach, pomegranates, raspberry, tomatoes, apples, plum and cherries.

Raw foods are a powerhouse of nutrition. A body that is low on nutrition will start aging more rapidly. Raw foods will help you slow down this aging process by bringing in more nutrients into the body. Raw foods like fruits and vegetables have the highest nutrient density and including them in your diet will not only make you look younger but also keep away many diet related diseases.